Senin, 21 November 2011

what i've learn from rain

it's raining..
today is raining, same like yesterday...
rain is blessing from the God to make the land is happy coz meet the water.
the land will wet and will sing all day long.
the frog is always happy and singing together if the rain comes 
rain is a wonderfull bless, that we must be grateful
if the day isn't raining, it will so sunny.
it make me always learn something.
don't always complaining about whatever that happen in your day. if you wanna reach something, but you can't reach it.
eventough it's harder to do, coz we always complaining and never be accept what was done before
just be grateful for all happen today, tommorow, even yesterday.
coz every single day is more precious time, i think :)
let be me be a rain that always comes to make the world and the land more cold and always make the situation more cool and cold :D

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